Roof Damage from the storm!

I hope everyone is recovering from the recent storms that have hit our area.  I know when I was out this morning there were a lot of trees down and roads still closed as we get out and start the clean up process. If you have damage to your roof please give us all call, […]

Columbia, MD Roofing

Good Morning!!!  Happy almost Friday!    This morning we start in Columbia, MD with a tear off and replacement. 7:35 am   8:51am – Here is an example of rotten plywood.  When we took off the old shingles this was revealed, even though the homeowner wasn't experiencing a leak.  It can be suprising what is underneath […]

West Friendship Tear off

We are in my hometown of West Friendship in Howard County today.   7:16am – Busy morning, everyone is working hard as preparations begin to tear off the existing roof. 7:16am Check back to see the transformation!   2:51 pm – All done!!  Can't even tell we were there other than the beautiful new roof!!  […]

New Roof in Ellicott City on this beautiful day!!

I hope everyone is soaking up this awesome weather today, it's not going to last long I'm afraid!!   7:30am – We start the tear off on this lovely morning!!  What an amazing day!! I could take this weather all year long and be perfectly content!!!   4:05pm – All done!  Great customers and another […]

Woodbine, MD New Roof!!

We are tearing off in our hometown this morning!!   7:49 am – Tear off begins, notice we tarp off everything to protect it from falling debris. 9:29 am – Tear off continues. Check back for the final results!   3:56pm – Finished!!! What a great day and a great customer in Woodbine!!!  


5 Ways to stay cool in the heat!   1.  Go Tropical – wear loose, lightweight cotton and linen clothing. 2.  Cool that pulse point – Run cold water over your wrist for a minute or so each hour.  3.   Don't eat: Graze – Break up your eating into smaller, more frequest meals.  You'll feel […]

Columbia Single Family Roof

Last day before the heat wave!!    We start in Columbia today tearing off at 7:34am.     Check back later for the finished product!   12:42pm – Almost all the shingles are nailed down!!!     Boy I have to give our guys a lot of credit, it is darn hot out there and […]

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there!  I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this past weekend!!  Today we have another rainy monday, good day to stay in bed!  If rain drops are faliing on your head and you are inside give DWM a call so we can fix your leaks!!!

Happy Flag Day!!!

We are tearing off and replacing two roofs today, what a beautiful day it is!!!   Glen Burnie – 7:38 am Roof before tear off. Glen Burnie – 8:47 am Roof tore off and ready to nail shingles. Check back later to see the finished product in Sykesville and Glen Burnie oh and Happy almost […]