Comman Pipe Collar Gasket Repair

In this first picture you can see the deteriated pipe collar gasket, which caused this customer to have a leak. Here we are applying Vulkem Roof Sealent around the pipe before installing the new pipe collar gasket.   Here is the deteriated pipe collar gasket fixed after a new rain collar is installed.

NO Roof today, Rain on the way

Just doing some repairs today!   Want to say congrats to Michael Phelps and the women's gymnastic team for the gold medals they won yesterday!!  Also, Phelps being the most decorated Olympic athlete is pretty amazing!!!    


I hope everyone is supporting the USA Team in London!  I love watching the Olympics its so exciting!!   We are in Elkridge, MD tearing off an almost 150 year old house's roof, this house used to serve as the ground keppers house for the Hunt Club. 7:39am – Before Check back to see the […]

Columbia Roof Tear off and Replacement

Good Morning from Howard County and what a beautiful day we have today!!!  Get out there and enjoy it!!   8:00am – Tear off is going smoothly!!  Check back!!   10:53am – Moving right along and look at that sky!! Beautiful Check back

Hail Damage Repairs

We are running a lot of repair calls in Ijamsville for the hail storm that hit.   Call us if you are in need of repairs!! We are in your neighborhood!!    

New Roof in Clarksville, MD

What a releif in the weather we are having!! Thank goodness, I know all of our guys are very happy!!   We start today in Clarksville, Howard County.  7:30am Tear off has begun and we are rolling right along! Check Back!   Finished Product!! 6:37pm – A great day in Clarksville and a great customer […]

Clarksville, MD Roof and Maryland Roof Repairs

We are doing a new roof in Clarksville today.   8:15am – We start this hot day in Howard County tearing off. Also, half the team are running all over town doing repairs to homes that have storm damage.  If you need some assistance please give us a call and we will get out to […]