What a Week

What a week! These new DWM roofs were installed in Carroll and Howard counties this week. We’re back at it again today. #alittlesnowwontstopus #shovelingsowecankeepgoing #dwmhappy  

Enough With the Rain Already

3 rainy days this week definitely put a damper on productivity. We are making the best of it and have been hard at work when the weather has allowed. #onedayatatime #enoughwiththerainalready #wejustwanttowork        

Not Just Happy, DWM Happy!

Marriottsville, Columbia, Mt. Airy, Laytonsville, Sykesville, Woodbine, and New Windsor-we’ve been all over the place this week installing new roofs. We’re working hard to make our clients #dwmhappy          

A New Roof in 30 Seconds!

Thanks to our recent client who shared his video of us replacing his roof. He captured video from the whole day, start to finish, condensed it into 30 seconds and sent it to us!  Super cool.  Thank you.   https://video.nest.com/clip/d634210626764da19748a35c9cdba26d.mp4

Happy Fall Y’all

Happy Friday! We only lost one day to the rain this week and we’ve replaced lots of new roofs. We are working our way down our waiting list. It’s nice that the weather is finally cooperating. #fallweather #happyfallyall  

Shouting From the Hills

We feel like shouting from the hills; a whole week with no (daytime) rain and how awesome it was! We were able to install many new roofs. Here are just a few of the roofs we have completed this week in Westminster, Columbia, Clarksville, Woodbine, Mt. Airy, Marriottsville, and Ellicott City. Ahhh…              

Looking Forward…

Ijamsville, West Friendship, and Ellicott City were recipients of brand new DWM Roofs this week! Here’s to looking forward to better weather next week.     

Taking Deep Breaths

Trying our best this week. The weather is only halfway cooperating and it doesn’t look great for next week. We’re taking deep breaths and keeping our fingers crossed. We hope everyone has a great weekend! #laurel