Details, Details, Details

Everyone has different tastes when decorating their home.  What kind of furniture?  What color paint?  What type of flooring?  The exterior of the home is just as important.  It is the part of your home that everyone sees, not just your friends or family.  When considering replacing your roof, there is much to consider.

What type of shingle do you want to use?

3-tab shingles are more traditional in style, whereas architectural shingles are modern and updated. 

What grade of shingle should you choose?

Basic shingles are more subdued in color, whereas the PRO lines tend to be a little thicker and have more depth, dimension, and definition in their color. PRO shingles tend to have blended shadow bands which enhance the beauty of your home.

Lastly, what color shingle should you use?  

This question is a bit more tough, it’s completely personal, and there is no wrong answer.  It is recommended to obtain a referral sheet from us, a shingle sample color list, and literally drive around and look at other homes we have recently completed in your area.  Keep in mind your house color and look for similar homes that are listed on the referral sheet. Write down the colors that you like.  Tally mark the number of times you choose the same color.  When you get the same color three times, it’s a safe bet that that will be the color for you!  

These kinds of details can really make all the difference in the charm and style of your home.



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