Flex on Your Neighbors

It’s May! It’s the perfect time to get a new roof. Call us today- we can help. #flexonyourneighbors #getanewroof #supportlocal #spendthatstimulscheck            

Challenge Accepted

The weather this week has created quite the challenge for scheduling jobs for completion. Just like everything else, we are simply taking it one day at a time. Here are a few of the roofs from this week. #howardcountyroofers #carrollcountyroofers #annearundelcountyroofers  

Your Hometown, Local Roofer

Just a few quick shots of some of the nice, new roofs DWM has installed this week in Woodbine and Columbia. Looking nice! Spring is a great time to get a new roof. Call us if we can help. #supportlocal    

Crazy Maryland Weather

Oh, you wore flip flops and heavy winter jackets and wool socks all in one week? We must live in Maryland! Here are a few roofs we’ve completed recently. Call us if you need anything after this crazy weather! #dwmroofing    

What’s New For Spring?

Hey, all you cool cats & kittens! Take a look at a few of the beautiful new roofs we’ve installed this week in Carroll & Howard counties. Stay safe. Be well. We’re thinking of you! #CertainTeed #LandmarkLifetime #LandmarkPro #dwmroofing #dwmhappy  

Go Away Corona!

These clients will at least have beautiful new roofs to admire & keep them dry in the case they have to stay home the next few weeks! Looking good. #goawaycorona #howardcountyroofers #baltimorecountyroofers #carrollcountyroofers #dwmhappy          

New Roof Alert

New roof alert! A few homes in Clarksville, Glenwood, Highland, and Sykesville, to name a few, all got new DWM Roofs this week. Looking good. #CertainTeed #moireblack #charcoalblack #GAF #pewtergray  

February’s Crazy Weather + Roofing= Frustrating

The weather has not been very cooperative this week for roof installations. Between two days of rain and a crazy windy day yesterday, it’s been frustrating for scheduling completions to say the least. Here’s to hoping things are better next week and we can resume work full speed ahead.