Happy Purple Friday from Ellicott City

Happy Friday!! What a great day to be from this amazing city!  Two exciting ball teams to watch this weekend, hope everyone cheers as loud as they can!!! This day we are in Howard County tearing off and replacing the roof and 11 skylights!!!          

Monrovai Re-Roof

This beautiful Saturday we are in Monrovia, tearing off and replacing a roof.   7:34 am – Tear off has begun. 9:51 am – Still trucking along.   5:30pm – What a beautiful home!!!

Happy Purple Friday from Glenelg!!!

Hope everyone is wearing their purple today!!!    Friday morning and we are in Glenelg today!!  Hope everyone has a great friday and don't forget to check back in and see the finished product.     1:45pm – We are rocking and rolling on this one!!     3:30 pm – What a perfect end […]