Landmark Solaris – An industry-leading solar reflectance value of over 40%

Using cool roofing technology has been recognized as one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways of lowering energy consumption. But until now, going green meant going white.

While white is naturally reflective, Landmark Solaris Collection’s innovative technology puts color where white used to be and produces a shingle that reflects solar energy.

That’s a green of a different color. Though light-colored surfaces traditionally have higher reflectance than dark surfaces, Landmark Solaris Collection’s cutting-edge design defies traditional thinking by reflecting the sun’s energy with style.

Landmark Solaris Platinum takes solar reflective roofing technology to the next level by providing a roof surface that achieves 40% solar reflectivity. This level of solar reflectivity is by far the highest in the asphalt roofing industry and is 60% more reflective than a standard solar reflective roof surface as defined by ENERGY STAR®. This is important because a 40% solar reflective roof surface can reduce the cooling load two times more effectively than a normal ENERGY STAR rated roof, potentially doubling your energy savings from installing a solar reflective roof.

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